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Players: 2-6 Duration: 1 hour Age: 8+

Welcome to Level One ...

About The Game

When you discover a mysterious old console from the 1980s in the attic, a dangerous computer virus hiding in the software starts to escape.

Through a combination of printed puzzles and online hacking, can you play your way through the retro levels and shut the console down before the virus gets out?

It's your job to hack into the mainframe, attack the computer virus and Level Up!

What you need
  • Printer
  • Device (phone/tablet/laptop etc)
  • Internet connection
  • A Facebook account

How to play
  • Download and print your hacking pack - don’t forget to save your download
  • Work your way through 3 levels of retro puzzles to defeat the computer virus
  • Need some clues? You’ll gain access to a secret site where you can find hints to help you along the way