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Players: 2-6 Duration: 30 minutes Age: 8-12

Keep your kids' brains busy at home & get them to do some critical thinking as a Robot Engineer to patch up our broken bots.

ROBOT RESCUE: EH-RIC is an exciting game experience for kids aged 8-12 which they can do alone or with friends via video chat.

About The Game

Calling all robot engineers ...

The Pluto Junkworks is famous throughout the solar system for rescuing robots and we firmly believe that nothing should be thrown away if it can be repaired and reused.

Broken bots of all shapes and sizes end up at our factory just crying out for some love and attention.

All you’ll need is a brain or two (or three or four), blueprints and a pencil, and you’re ready to go! 

What you need
  • Printer
  • Device (phone/tablet/laptop etc)
  • Internet connection

How to play
  • Download and print your robot blueprints - don’t forget to save your download
  • Repair and replace the robot's broken parts by completing exciting puzzles that will allow you to restart your robot
  • Need some clues? You’ll gain access to a secret site where you can find hints to help you along the way